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" starts now. >>> scott thank you very much. we start with breaking news from san francisco, apple holding an event. we expect some big news throughout the hour mainly focused on a new tablet device. i'll be focused on the consumer side of the story. sue is following the stock side of the story. sue? >> good to see you, ty. apple shares are little lower. there was some computer based selling in the high flying names, apple one of them. there's a look at general electric as well, it got hit a little bit. down almost 1% on apple as we get ready to start that event. in the last year the stock is down 18%. it has recovered as i mentioned in the last few months. since july, it's up 30%. but it if you have held the stock for five years, you are up a full 435%. so obviously that was a winning bet. josh lipton is angering our coverage from beautiful san francisco. over to you, josh. >> yeah, sue. we're here at the event just about to start as you said what we're expecting here apple to unveil some new ipads. the questions, though, the features, the price points. those are the kinds of details we'r
see these hot new apple devices? do they look anything like this health care site they can't get right? one is ipads, one is ipannic. >> i don't remember anybody suggesting apple to stop selling iphones. >> they fixed the problem and moved forward. >> just stop, just stop. tonight i want to be very, very clear about it. mr. president, i like apple, and i would like to think apple is the friend of mine, after years of buying devices. mr. president, you're no apple. >> it hit me a few hours ago, apple debuting new ipads for which folks will pay a premium to get. how is it the administration can compare its healthcare law to them. to anything apple does? apple stuff is cool. this healthcare thing is not. when apple launches something new people stand in line to get it. when the government launches the healthcare thing, folks couldn't get online so they said the hell with it. apple makes it simple. the government makes it tough. apple has a rare screwup. its fixes it, and fast. the government's a total skewup and just makes the problem worse. apple creates stuff people don't even nee
waiting for, apple's event is underway. we want to go to robert gray with what we can expect as the ipad roge mini get the same chis the ipad. robert: adam, right now we know tim cook is on stage. opening up talking about the iphone that launched last month. talking about the most successful launch in the history for the iphone. interesting because there has been a lot of speculation about soft sales for the iphone, particularly the iphone 5c. they are lumped together to make the 9 million mark better than the 5 million which was a prior record for the five launched a year ago. now to what we're expecting in terms of new products of the iphone, we still have a lot to cover with what the tagline is. expectinrespecting the ipad to headline the event. something about the mac pro, the operating system, maverick, launch date and price for that. i cloud software, apple tv as well maybe. the larger ipad expected to be a little bit a slimmer format for that. the screen will stay the same, slated to be lighter, thinner, smaller frame, the bezel. more colorful. think of the new 5c. they launche
wars. meanwhile nokia launching a new tablet and apple releaseding surface two. >> terrific. the september job numbers have been repleased, that's below forecast but august job gains were revised higher. unemployment was low wheel the labor rate participation rate did remain unchanged the quarterly average, 103, 207 before that, 2 9 before that. private sector is putting on the brakes. >> interest rate back to 2.05. that's really amazing. the big spikes, 2.8, 2.9, that turned out to be a became. >> interest rates are back to where maybe housing gets reignited. i'm not sure. >> how does that pertains to the jobs number? >> it not working. i think there were people today who were saying this didn't include the government shuft down. the worry over the government is with us every singlement. the worry about health care costs is with us every nt? every type you bring on a ceo, they all say do you know what a great time this would be if it weren't for washington? at cnbc we're talking about the idea that washington ought to get its act together. i think these numbers directly ref
of the details from apple's big reveal on the west coast there's a lot happening right here on the east coast. of region major indices are up today despite the weaker than expected jobs report for the month of september. a sign that the fed will not taper its bond buying program as early as expected. i'm not talking a lot next year. one that has a meteoric rise, take elected netflix. releasing better than expected earnings after the bell. the stock surged more than 9%. several analysts have suggested the video streaming company may be overvalued. this is a loss of netflix of more than a percent. apple unveiling a sleeker tablet just a few moments ago. it is called the ipad air, a center -- dinner and a lighter version aldington hours of battery life plus a slew of upgrades to its other products. live from the apple event in san francisco with nicole petallides standing by on the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> there were delivered as expected. he had not seen much of a gain in the stock. not much of a surprise and on nothing to release and the stock higher. take a look at what they d
bringing up apple. i know you've been recommending it for awhile now. the stock crossed over the 500-dollar mark briefly today. what do you think about apple at this point and the stock, as well? >> you do have the new ipad that's going to be coming out, introduction i think is slated for the 22nd of october there are invitations that have gone out. i think it's tradeable here. ahead of the event and result of the earnings that will come out shortly after that launch. at $500 a share, apple certainly, you know, one of the least expensive stocks among the tech sector and one looks at the balance sheet, one company that's certainly able to continue to reward shareholders not only in shares of dividend increases but may possibly consider increase and we have activist carl icahn who is talking with management and certainly finding support from other institutional investors in this respect. >> all right. david, let me ask you one final quick question. we talked about a lot of companies but is there one we didn't ask you about that you wish we had? >> certainly the twitter ipo will be very import
in mexico. >> absolutely. >>> tablet wars heating up today when apple showcases its newest designs in san francisco. mark kelly reports. >> reporter: the holiday season must be getting closer because we are starting to see all these latest gadgets come out. just in the next 24 hours, apple and microsoft are both going to unveil their newest tablets. so here's the sneak peek at what these tech giants could be cooking up. it's a tech rivalry that's not cooling down any time soon. microsoft versus apple. and if you believe the rumors, big changes are in the works for both. take apple. there's talk of a faster chip, thinner design, maybe even some rounded corners. a fingerprint scanner called touch id. >> apple hasn't changed the cover for two years. they came out with the ipad 2. we are expecting new colors. they are not going to get same distance that microsoft is adding things like a battery, keyboard or a track pad things that make it more of a laptop. >> reporter: on apple's heels, wednesday microsoft is set to unveil its surface 2 with a dedicated stand with optional attaching keyboard
that stuff i do on the weekend. and you know what comes up? apple. apple. that's right. apple's not up for the year, even if it rallied 8.7%, it has a 2.3% yield, sells at 12 times earnings and best of all, no one believes it can do anything other than be range bound. >> sell, sell, sell -- >> it has to have the lowest expectations of any major stock i've followed. apple's had a great day today rallying over $12 because of an upgrade by society general. i normally don't follow that brokerage house of research, but it made so much sense, i've got to talk about it here. there are three reasons why this piece of research is worth devouring. first, the brokerage did a ton of work on the number of new iphones that have been sold. and unlike an iphone manufacturing scaleback, this upgrade says there might be more upside to the numbers according to the piece. in fact, this piece says that higher volume and increased demand may be in the cards when the company reports october 28th. second, the piece talks about how apple's having higher gross margins on the sales. if you've been on any of the
apple rumors, then the full- sized ipad is getting a makeover. a faster chip, thinner design, maybe even some rounded corners. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> score! >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. >>> good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, october 22. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00. and bart riders are feeling a little duped this morning. they were told limited service would be running this morning after a deal was made late last night but that is just not the case. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran live at the lake merritt bart station in oakland this morning and cate, we hear it's all about staffing i guess, right? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. we did get a tweet from one of the unions that said that we just don't have enough people to staff the bart station so you're seeing even probably behind me commuters coming up to these doors going inside and coming out just as frustrated as they
approves the new plans for an apple campus. >>> good afternoon. b.a.r.t. riders are still in limbo as negotiations work behind closed doors to avoid a strike and reach a deal. claudine wong has been following today's developments and is live outside of the caltrans building in oakland. good afternoon, claudine. >> reporter: good afternoon. the federal mediator walked in here about 90 minutes ago. sources tell me everyone met in small groups first and then in full teams starting about an hour ago. as everyone walked in, we all asked the same question, will you have a deal today? of course no one can answer that question. all that's left is to measure the responses to ranged from optimistic to guarded. >> we're back at it. we're back at it. thank you. >> reporter: if you can't answer when, the next question begging for a response is one we've heard over and over again from commuters -- can we at least go to bed tonight knowing one way or another? we asked the union that question. >> that's something that cannot be determined by us alone. we're working in conjunction with other union
or candy crush on it. apple is expected to make the announcement it today but we will tell you about some big challenges facing the company as it does so. that and more on markets now. ♪ dagen: i was surprised to find out the knee is the best-selling tablet. connell: the issues price and has always been. we will charge more than anybody else and can they keep doing that? did make the issue is whether the large ipad or the minivans the pillsbury doughboy and fall for the larger ipad. date -- just being helpful. dagen: stocks held higher by the jobs report. the unemployment rate did fall but it is what they will do, nicole petallides at stock exchange. nicole: good morning. we are looking at a market that is up 63 points, 16,456 as we got in the monthly jobs report. is true. we look to the fed and the fed less likely to begin capering and we will see janet yellen coming on board weather they do it at all. we are seeing markets with an up arrow, the dallas up 1/2%, looks like the s&p 500, the ticket in nasdaq squeezing a gain of 2%, shares of delta hitting new highss after a strong earning
. >>> and apple shows off its revamped ipad ,, . ,,,, lies a very stinky problem:d anchovies everywhere. we're talking tens of thousands of fish.. floating up from the bottom.. and giving birds a feast. . >>> in the beautiful santa cruz harbor lies a very stinky problem, dead anchovies everywhere, tens of thousands of fish floating from the bottom and getting birds a feast. >> those fish fouling up the north end of monterrey bay. apparently it all started with they took a wrong turn into the santa cruz harbor. kpix's glen ramirez on exactly what went on here. >> reporter: allen, the fish today to float dead here in the water, not only massive birds have shown up to feast on their bodies with birds, but also with a stench of death in the air. >> the air wreaked with a stench of death. tens of thousands of anchovies have floated to the surface, making flood for sea gulls. it has been playing out in front of tourists and spectators. >> and fouling the air for the lunchtime crowd. >> seeing is only half of the adventure because smelling is part of it, as well. >> the anchovies may have veered i
on that angle. >> we're going to begin with apple because french bank societe generale upgraded it for the 5s and 5c models. shares up. tesla fell on reports that the electric carmakers' sales may be slowing in germany. european sales a big concern for that company. also general electric up for the second consecutive session at fresh five-year highs. citigroup added the stock to its focus list, calling it the third quarter earnings they just reported, quote/unquote, impressive. on friday ge reported a record backlog of sales and orders. also goodsyear deflating, if you will, deutsche bank downgrading the tire company from neutral to buy with price target of $26 on the stock citing uncertain margin outlook. finally, it's gannett media company, declining ad sales at some of its big newspapers. bill, gannett shares on the move. back over to you. >> thank you very much. heading to the close here with 50 minutes left in the trading session, not a very volatile day. and the dow -- and the s&p is lower but any positive close for that one would be another new all-time high right now. >> post shutdown
more years so they can have a 100 year celebration. >> apple's new spaceship like headquarters has a green light for liftoff. the city council voted unanimously to allow the circular shaped building near interstate 280. apple ensures the building's design is green, using solar, and fuel cells to generate 70% of its own power. >> the design will be the most environmental friendly building of its size. we are going to make over 70% of the electricity that apple will use through solar and fuel cells. >> apple says it hopes to start demolishing existing buildings on that site by the end of this year. to make way for the $2.8 million scare foot campus. >> in mountain view, new research and developing center. the new site near highway 101 will house 385,000 square feet of office space. the environmentally friendly project is expected to be ready by december 2014. >> i wonder if they will have a monorail at apple's new headquarters. it's so futuristic looking. >> and the aliens are coming to cupertino. >> no one will be able to hide. >> find the corner there, you can't. find a clo
fixed on something with the word air in it until earlier today when apple unveiled the ipad air. is it a slam dunk? can it help the stock soar back to $700? the one stat that got my attention, it is 72 times faster than the original ipad. 72 times. >> 72 times. >> because of the processor. you won't be stunned to know i still have an original ipad. it works. >> i have mine, too. model "a" ford here. >> later in the program jack welch will be here in the 4:00 hour. we'll ask him about apple, how they should handle carl icahn. >> plus a lot more with jack welch. stay with us on that. >> i bet jack has an ipad air already, by the way. >> folks programming and building the obama care website knew it was not ready to go. we have the reporter who spoke with insiders. we will speak with him and try to find out why the white house still insisted on launching the site despite those internal warnings. they have to clean up a big mess right now. >> the dow jones industrial average up at 97 points, inching back to the highs of the day which will reach about 10 a.m. this morning. 15,488, las
that are normally used for housing. >>> is apple's so-called spaceship campus cleared for takeoff? we'll tell you about the massive development that will be built in the heart of cupertino. >> the rock 'n' roll hall of ñhonores are announced. who could be enducted. >>> that is going to be a good one. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures are nice and mild out there. we have widespread 60s. a couple of 70s popping up. today the warmestnc
anyways. melissa: bruce, from a marketing standpoint, what is worse? it is kind of like an apple launch in a sense all eyes were on it. is it worth to say we're not ready for prime time and let the enemies pile on that, and say it is not ready? or is it worse to have it launch and have the site be a disaster. >> first of all it is not like an apple launch. if it was it would have been successful. it would be called i-obamacare instead of obamacare. that being much bettory abandon ship. melissa: really? >> of course. that doesn't give haters anything to say, well, except there you go. there they go again. which we're used to and we don't care. but you don't have a bad consumer experience. the problem now is people had a bad consumer experience. you got to know the folks went on it early were people who are desperate. they are the people who care the most. of course the statement was, we're going to make this for the young, invincible tech-savvy consumer. so now the answer is call an 800 number? they're not having that. kids will not get on and listen to bad muzak waiting for bad insuranc
at the top of the game. >> apple urges a famous designer to san francisco. >> and another beautiful october day in the bay area, with mike or how to get great deals the easy way. you do enough flying around. that's why we give you real big club card deals. this week, load up on your favorite coke products. 12 packs are $2.77 each. $16.99 for 150 ounced up on your favorite coke products. tide is $16.99 for 150 ounces. that's under 20 cents a load. and oikos greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> a bay area biotech giant is expanding its manufacturing facility and hiring 200 more people and investing $100 million on the expansion. they say it will make it the biggest biotech facility in the world in addition to manufacturing jobs, they will hire more scientists and engineers and other professionals for the site. >> investigators are unsure how a cooked chicken sold at a bay area costco store was linked to a raw chicken salmonella outbreak. costco is recalling 40,000 pounds of chicken made with foster farms poultry sold a
. the new ipad is lightning fast. the latest from the folks at apple, so let's get to it. >>> first, at 3:00 this afternoon, the jobs picture. the nation are unemployment rate 7.2%. a tenth of a percent dip. and the lowest level in nearly five years, but -- there's always a but -- while this may seem encouraging the feds say employers added 148,000 jobs in september. the partial government shut down delayed release of the jobs report. the late report had an impact on wall street. stock futures rose after the jobless anybodies went public, and now we're up more than .6 on the session. the experts say the government shutdown that just ended could still skew the jobs numbers for the time being. so we may not get a clear view of the job market until december. peter barnes is live in d.c. what sectors did the most hiring last mom? >> reporter: if you're look fargo job, here's where to look. professional and business services add 32,000 jobs in september. 20,000 of those were temp jobs. transportation and warehousing, up over 23,000 jobs. government added 22,000 jobs. most of those in state and
$100,000 are shaimplet google stop sup more than 40%. >>> the news on the other and for apple, sales for the ipad are in a tailspin. experts blame the slump on rivals like samsung. apple hopes to turn things around when it unveils a thinner eye pad. they aren't the only problem for apple. >>> customers are complaining about that new operating system. so we have john matarese to break down the problem so you don't waste your money. >> it's not been a month since apple released the upgreat ios7. you would expect bugs to be worked out but quite the contrary. ios7 is taking a beating. since apple has not resolved some of the first complaint belts upgrade and said more and more of them have surfaced in recent weeks. the major complaints continue to be shorter battery life, problems sending text messages, 3d animation making people sick. apps logging out without warning and occasional blue screens of death which up until now was considered a microsoft windows problem. apple said it's' wear of the buption and hope to peck them with the ios7.3. many are asking if they can switch back to the
of new jobs are coming to the bay area. we'll tell you where. >>> plus tech giant apple taps a fashion executive to join the team. what she will be in charge of. Ñáçwçñ 0!ockÑ?çóxo?Ñ=çñÑñçvxqx?ñññ?óioy >>> stocks lower this afternoon. the tone from capitol hill grows more irritable. house gop leaders scramble to counter the emerging bipartisan deal to reopen the government and avoid a default. but the house gop plan is getting mixed reviews. the dow is down 81. the nasdaq is down 11. s&p down 7. >>> the current ceo of burberry is leaving fashion for tech. angela ahrendt will be joining apple's team next spring and oversee all operations of apple's retail and online stores. tim cook says air rent shares apple's focus on customer service and innovation. ahrendt hopes to help happenle in the -- apple in the plans of changing the world. >>> genentic will create 200 more biotech jobs in the bay area. they plan to expand the manufacturing facility in vacaville as well as southern california. it's part of a larger plant by the swiss parent company to increase the drug produc
and house 14,000 apple employees. the circular building was a dream of steve jobs. apple says it will be environmentally friendly. >> steve loved apple and he started apple in cupertino, when he presented the vision of apple campus 2, he wanted to in cupertino. it will be near interstate 280 expected to open by 2016. >> meantime, samsung probably down on a new campus if mountain view. at this time make way for the new samsung research center, being built on an eight and a half acre site. >>> and a san francisco company's offering a new way to send cash using an app and e-mail. square says starting today you can send money from a debit card to anyone else's for free. it's called square cash. until now, square's been offering services to merchants with smart phone swiping services. the money's available in a day or two in debit accounts. >>> and a national nonprofit that helps fight foreclosure is holding a five-day nonprofit starting determine. naca announced the american dream event today. the group says it can help reduce mortgage payments with a below market interest rate. >
the top five. >>> form apple re -- tomorrow apple ceo tim cook will unvail updates to the apple devices. that includes the ipad mini. apple manufactures have reportedly struggled to make a lot of the smaller displays that fit the mini. that could result in limited supply and translate into lines outside apple stores when the new mini launches next month. >>> the national weather service is warning big waves are hitting the northern california coastline. they are expected to keep pounding the beaches through tomorrow afternoon. fishermen and beach goers are being warned to stay back. >>> time is 4:56. new information about the weekend death of two bart workers in walnut creek. what we are learning about the train that hit the two men. >>> and finding alternative routes to work. where officials have seen one of the bigger increases for transportation. >>> and the roads will be more crowded as people who normally take the trains will be on the roads. here it is 5:00 and we're already getting a backup at the toll plaza. >>> if its inland, its clear. but if its by the coast and around the ba
. . >>> the tablet war is heating up for apple and microsoft. we'll show you what you really get for your money. >>> another strange sea creature washes ashore in california. the theory that an earthquake is on its way. kardashian. . >>> omg! it's the biggest celebrity news of the year, kanye west secret proposal to kim kardashian. >>> 80s inland, livermore 84. but half moon bay only 54. fog moving in, your forecast in seven minutes. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, that huge sigh of relief fr bart riders everywhere. . >>> want to go back to downtown oakland. that huge sigh of relief from b.a.r.t. riders every. >> reporter: you think to think people are breathing a sigh of relief after hearing the b.a.r.t. strike is over and train service will be back up and running at 4:00 tomorrow morning. b.a.r.t. union officials and management emerging from a meeting saying they have an agreement. it has to be voted on before it becomes official but the trains will be running tomorrow. we were warned that train service will be a little, we were told "raggedy" but it will be at full capacity by tomorrow afternoon and complet
-to-to reality. after talk public gets to see apple's new ipads. they're not the only new devices. the story of tablet tuesday. >> plus, 7 on your side and consumer reports team up to look at three d printers. which are the best? >> also here kanye and kim. what they did in san francisco that has everyone talking. stay with us. abc 7 news at 5:00 continues >>> kim kardashian's hair dresser posted this picture of the reality star posing with her 15 carat diamond ring. almost as big as the diamond she got engaged or -- kanye west rented out the giant's ballpark just as you can ask kardashian to marry him. how much did that cost? what are giants fans saying about it? >> it happens like clockwork. $160 take your number, say your vows. >> how did he propose to you? >> golden gate park. >> i proposed. >> the venue is only a starting point. >> run to the baseball stadium. >> i didn't understand. >> a lot of people don't. >> this stadium. at ask t park. last night behind a cloak of secrecy in front of 40,000 empty seats, singer kanye west proposed to the overexposed kim kardashian. >> just to rent t
say it could take six months, up to a year to release the report. >>> apple unveils new version of ipad. mark kelly is here in san francisco with the latest entry into the tablet wars. >> reporter: that's right. the big deal is a new ipad with a brand new name. it's called the ipad air. and apple has sold 170 million ipads so far. and this one is its next generation. thinner, lighter, more powerful. 9.7-inch retina display. 43% thinner and just one point instead of 1.4 pounds. a 7 chip and gets 10 hours of battery life. the ipad is not all apple revealed today. show cased a faster mac book pro and new desktop operating system called maverick. >> lighter feel. when you hold it, it will be a dramatically different experience from the previous ipad. this happens every now and then. we have an apple product where all the words and pictures don't do justice to how amazing it is until the moment you pick it up. when you get to do that, you'll understand why we are so excited about this ipad air. >> i think apple needs to keep innovating. there's a lot of competition. if they don't keep up,
. >>> and new features and upgraded products from apple. what the tech giant unveiled at the big event. >>> good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. the latest b.a.r.t. strike, finally over after four days without train service. right now, trains are running on limited service. this is after the transit agency and its unions reached a tentative agreement last night. but the contract still needs to be approved by union members. despite the strike being over, it was a messy commute. most of the highways were gridlocked with people trying to drive to the city and there confusion -- there was confusion over whether the expanded h.o.v. hours were in effect. and in walnut creek despite station gates opening up at 4:00, some were still forced onto b.a.r.t. charter buses. we will have team coverage on what the tentative agreement includes. we start with janine de la vega on the current status of things. >> reporter: good afternoon. i've just been told that 48 trains are running out of the normal 52 that run at this time. so they are just four trains short. trains are coming every 15 minutes. not any delays he
downgrading it? i'm worried about merck. i'm not worried about gorski and j & j. >> is apple looking to focus more on luxury? the tech giant adding the ceo of berbury. >> and victor cruz, we'll talk to him later this morning. and we're keeping all eyes on washington to see if we get any kind of a deal. back in ament. -- a minute. that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call today to request a free decision guide. with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients... plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. join the millions who have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp... and provided by unitedhealthcare insurance company, which has over 30 years of experience behind it. with all
are those that perform the best in the big names like the apple, but caterpillar comedy, microsoft, hewlett-p ackard the most well-known players but you have those that nobody knows who the companies were but they do know now because they are up 55%. melissa: but sun gave require research or locked but don't be afraid. of the third tip don't put the first two draft picks of ruuning backs? >> yes. you want to get the most points. melissa: why is there pressure to do that? >> there's so much misinformation the seattle defense at every phase of you have to have the defense i told everybody they would be terrible. stay away and don't touch them then i drafted the seattle defense. [laughter] luckily people our honest and above board. [laughter] melissa: scott? >> i hope the guy at bear stearns is still answering the phone. but going into the year you want to buy microsoft or google's but there is other good technology companies that are performing well. outperforming the leaders so he would get their running back, they are right you think have to have the leaders but guess what just like the tec
and lower. apple looking to plant its feet more firmly in the tablet market with an upgrade set of ipads set to be launched tomorrow. snagging an upgrade with nicole petallides on the new york stock exchange on apple. nicole: it is very exciting to watch apple. apple moving beautifully today at $12.77 per share. tomorrow is the day, october 22, where we will be getting new ipads. expected to be thinner, faster processors. in the meantime talking about shipments of computers and tablets and mobile phones and how that will increase year over year. shipments of tablets expected to rise 53%, 184 million. overall seeing strong competition, certainly plenty of desire, and the stock tomorrow is getting a nice jump. this year still to the downside, has not even into moving into positive territory. they are hoping for the new ipads tomorrow. liz: is it an updated .mac upgrade or a refresh? nicole: i saw some new ipad mini and ipad. you will see some new product coming out and they will be thinner and sleeker and faster processor. liz: they are already thin and sleek. nicole: and the holiday season is
. >> and apple is looking at the next shot in the tablet wars today, expected to unveil new ipad devices, big and small. >>> plus, seg gets a billionaire boost. bill gates buys a stake. now the second biggest now the second biggest shareholder in the company. >>> hello and welcome to this jobs tuesday. you know, it makes sense. coming up on today's show, patrick, cena are growing abroad. >>> novartis has delivered the right medicine with improved guide kwans. . and we'll head stateside to speak with one strategy that says the good times are here to stay. why is that? we'll find out at 11:40. any comments on this jobs tuesday? e-mail us, trust me, that is the e-mail address. >>> now, it's better late than never. the u.s. september jobs report is out at 8:30 eastern delayed by 2 and a half weeks because of the shutton. unemployment is expected to hold steady at 7.3%. the september report will be less influential than normal. it doesn't reflect the impact of the shutdown. the october jobs report will be out in two weeks. bearing all that in mind, of course, what are we suppos
. >>> apple and samsung moving forward with projects just down the road from one another in silicon valley. the city council approved plans for the new apple campus 2 near 280 and north wolf road about a mile and a half from the current campus. today rival samsung broke ground moving in on apple territory for the first time. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom has the story. >> reporter: there were no guilded shovels at this ground breaking. >> our definition is we're knocking down walls. >> reporter: land developer is wasting no time to put up a new research campus for samsung here in mountain view. >> we're excited to join top technology companies. >> reporter: just two miles from google headquarters which has one city council member thrilled. >> we're glad to have a company that didn't bee begin with "g" not that we don't love google but they become pac man. they've been gobbling up, bought two buildings next door. really for the economic diversity of the community it's great to have samsung coming in. >> reporter: samsung isn't the only company moving dairnt in silicon valley. at the sa
story.. going.inside jpmorgan's record settlement.-- was it enough or too much. plus are apple shares prepping for what's to come from the tech giant's latest line up of new products? and...potential ways to make money off other people's vacations! first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning! it's october 22nd. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: stocks stay put ahead of today's jobs number release. the dow lost 8 points, the nasdaq rallied to a 13 year high with a gain of just 6 points and the s&p flatlined. gold added $1 and oil dropped to the $99 dollar per barrel range. netflix stunned wall street with it's earnings report after the close. the stock surged 10% on numbers that topped expecations-- netflix also offered an optimistic view for its holiday's numbers. mostly due to the success of streaming tv shows such as breaking bad. and, jc penney and martha stewart define a deal. following a lawsuit claiming stewart's company was wrong to sell certain merchandise at macy's and jcp. the revised
will continue to roll out. >>> still to come, apple's big announcement, as expected ash new ipad. what's new? we'll show you in a live report. >>> the u.s. government for the first time releases critical jobs numbers on a tuesday. what changed? we'll take a look coming up in business. >>> we'll also let you know why the bay area will forever and ever hold a very special place in the heart of ms. kim kardashian. >> oh, what a beautiful couple. we've got a gorgeous day shaping up. temperatures right now are pretty chilly out there. we've got some thick fog and rough seas to talk about in your full forecast. just a few moments away when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back. to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631. >>> a quick check. got your seat belt on in the up
on the program, apple wasn't the only company to unveil a new tablet today. so did microsoft and nokia but can these other tablets chip away at the ipad's lead? first how commodities, currencies and treasuries performed today. >>> microsoft chairman bill gates is making a big bet on the turn around in spain through an investment fund gates is paying 155 million dollar for a 6% stake in a spanish construction company. making him the company's second largest stake holder if he can pronounce it. this follows significant announcements over the past year by warren buffet and carlos slen. >>> a big day for tablets, apple, microsoft and nokia unveiling a new device today in time for the upcoming holiday shopping season. microsoft updated surface tablets and apple rolled out updated versions of top saling ipads. jon fortt has more from silicon valley. >>> it's a wrestling match in the tablet market. apple the heavy weight out today with a new lineup of ipads. what is new? the full hissed ipad gets a new name, it's now the ipad air, 30% lighter and the ipad mini gets an upgrade, retina display and m 7
? that is hard to believe now she has the oppounity of a lifetime fm apple. kids to restore their luster? we have it with "spe change." you can never have to maturity. -- to much money. ♪ ♪ melissa: time for retail therapy thank you for both of you for coming. talking about appl big w house ceo higher kicking off the new job the retail chief starting in spring it she is credited to open the tighter market and t burberry brand. what do you think? >> it is areat move up someone who can report with the expanded role it is good for international business. this is a bigger opportunity to turn it around the. >> of the surface of us like a bigger flop is it a boy brand? apple is a byproduct you were being oversensitive a record finish my point she took burberrnvaded a lifestyle brief and apple has to be that. melissa: apple is a lifestyle eryone in my house has apple evething and we were resistant to it. >> may be late lee but that is too much about features not about does away. >> always wondered behind-the-scenes about the truce that you kiev have all over every then e comes over to apple was that
about their stock price. apple dropped before the ipad announcement as we saw what happened with netflix. facebook, went from $52, linkedin, momentum names, also dropped on that. chinese internet stocks, also momentum names like baidu, for example, dropped on that as well. all these charts look exactly the same on momentum stocks. best and worst out there, whirlpool, great earnings report. best gainer in the s&p 500. coach, second worst. rather disappointing. appears to be losing market share out there. >> thank you so much. heng us to break down today's market arms, amy wu, brian bebel bellski, and former chairman and ceo of ge, jack welch. good to see everybody. thanks for joining us. amy, let me kick this up with you. feeling is tapering is off the table in 2013, perhaps off the table for much of the 2014. do you think this market is going to stay on track to keep going higher given the fed's stimulus? >> maria, it sure seems like it. and even today's payrolls was an after-thought for the options market. volatility came in quite hard. back to normal term structure. we've been talking
to hurt its third quarter revenue. >>> plus, apple has reportedly sold two suppliers. it's cutting orders for the new model of its iphone and upping orders on its high end 5s. >> hello and welcome to this wednesday on "worldwide exchange." plenty to talk through on today's show with the clock running down on debt ceiling. we'll hear from one guest who says markets are still unfaced by the risk of default. clearly if you take a look at the price action, john kenalli joins us. never mind the debt ceiling threat, one of the biggest ipos join us. >>> japan's softbank had a boost after securing a majority stake in the finish gamemaker supersoft. could this be a sign of more m&a in the pipeline? >>> and here in london, we get the latest unemployment data 23430 minutes. has the rate dropped closer to the knockout for forward guide yaps? if that's not enough, the london stock exchange is playing host to russian business leaders. that's a first on cnbc at 10:40. but first, as you might expect, u.s. senate leaders are preparing for a last ditch effort to reach a deal to avoid a senate default. harr
is expected to take a vote over plans to build a new headquarters for apple. the planning commission has approved the space ship-spaced building at four stories stall with three million square feet of work space. it will house 14,000 employees. a final vote for approval is next month. >> this morning, optimism is growing in washington, dc that a new plan could re-open government and raise the country's debt ceiling soon. democrats and republicans spent the day negotiating a deal to keep agencies open until mid- january. now the house of representatives and senate have time to negotiate a long-term budget. lawmakers are briefed of the deal later this morning. it is not clear if speaker boehner will allow a house vote on a possible deal. americans are giving a thumb's down to the way the lawmakers handle the budget crisis. a new washington post/abc news poll finds that disapproval of the g.o.p. is up 11 points to 74 percent. 51 percent disapprove of the democrats. 53 percent are unhappy with the president. >> it is just about 4:45. we are learning new details of a national security agency
in the united kingdom is going to apple hoping it will fit nicely. what will the small town innthe head of native bring to the tech giant? details about that coming up. lori: the stakes are high as a closing arguments begin in the insider-trading case against mark cuban. adam: take a look at metals as we go into the break. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activitywenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all oduce energy me safely. adam: news alert for you. mark cuban is looking for a buzzer beater as closing arguments in the insider-trading case against him. expected this afternoon after six days of testimony in a dallas federal courtroom. the sec closes case against the dallas mavericks owner alleging he sold his shares in a canadian
by a suicide bomber. four others were killed in the attack. >>> a lot of time and love devoted to apple's new headquarters. the green light out of cupertino on why this spaceship design will lead to the best office building in the world. plus -- >> i want to aggressive. >> doctors are experimenting with a new therapy to help cancer patients. how [ indiscernible ] may help target cancer cells. >> i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. lots of sunshine out there right now but things may change. we'll talk about it coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, last night to allow the >>> apple gets the go-ahead for its new headquarters in cupertino. the city council voted unanimously last night to allow the shape ship shaped building near interstate 280. >> designed to be the most environmentally-friendly friendly building of its size. we are going to make over 70% of the electricity that apple campus 2 will use on site through solar and fuel cells. >> apple says it low pressure to start demolishing -- it hopes to start demolishing buildings on the site by the end of the year. >>> looks
, and there's brashov's famous apple strudel. - that sounds wonderful. - all right. one apple strudel coming right up. i think you have an admirer, victor. no, she is just being polite. why don't you go talk to her ? don't be ridiculous, jess. there you are. will there be anything else ? no, thanks. this looks delicious. thank you. well, what are you standing there for ? go see what the lady wants. are you the mr. brashov that created this dessert ? please, call me victor. victor, i have eaten in the best restaurants all over the world. and this is the best apple strudel that i've ever tasted in my life. thank you. that is very kind of you to say. please. i would love to get your recipe. actually, the strudel was my wife's recipe. so she's the one who deserves the credit. well please send her my compliments. unfortunately she passed away. i'm so sorry. she also deserves the credit for this restaurant. it was her idea. well, if the rest of your cooking is half as good as your strudel, this restaurant should really do well. well, that's what we are hoping, bu
. >>> apple is expected to release a product. but by one of them could be in short supply. >>> stocks have been assessed. mcdonald's had a rather disappointing report with stocks down. hasbro toys beat expectation. that stock is up over 5% and rising u.s. supplies are helping to push oil prices below $100 a barrel. right now, it's $99.65 for the first time since july. taking a live look at the big bood the dow -- board, the dow is down 8. the nasdaq is up 2. the s&p down 1. >>> tomorrow, the federal government will release its september jobless report. the report was due 18 days ago but could not be released because of the government shutdown. economists expect the labor department to announce 185,000 new jobs were created in september but they also forecast the unemployment rate will remain at 7.3%. >>> existing home sales dropped nearly 2% in september due to higher mortgage rates and prices. the national association of realtors says 5.29 million homes sold last month. that's down from 5.39 in august. the national median price for all housing prices was just above $199,000 in september.
, this is a really big advance. >> okay. fingers crossed. thank you very much. >>> big day for apple today. all you techies out there can't wait for the latest gadget. a new ipad expected to be unveiled in san francisco, at a time when apple needs a big hit. our tech expert, neal karlinsky, has the story. >> reporter: this morning, apple will take its best shot in what has grown into a fiery battle for domination in the tablet wars. the company is expected to launch its latest ipad and ipad mini, including likely sharper screens, possibly thinner form and new colors. but will it be enough? >> there's a lot of pressure on apple to put out something that will garner a lot of excitement. and huge refreshes of tablets that already exist is kind of a tough thing to pull off. >> this is what it looks like. very thin. >> reporter: the pressure is on. apple is no longer the leader in a market it invented in 2010, with the very first ipad. today, android tablets, many of them cheaper and put out under a number of brands, have 50% worldwide market share, according to new research. apple, now trailing at 49%.
pad today. >> reporter: good evening. stores like this one here that sell apple products have been buzzing lately with sales of the new iphones. they have to get ready for a new lineup of ipads. apple gave us a peek into its new line of ipads starting with the ten-inch tablet. they call it the ipad air. the newest full size is one inch thick and lighter than before. the ipad mini gets apple's retina screen. >> we want to help our customers create even more amazing stories because we know that this is just the beginning for ipad. >> reporter: the ipad air will go on sale november 1st starting at $499.99. today apple also announced upgrades to its line of laptops and the mac pro will go on sale for $3,000 in december. >>> the fda reaching out to v t veterinarians asking for answers about pets who may have gotten sick after eating jerky treats. >> how the bay area community is rallying and her. >> the wings were clipped this year, but will the blue angels return to san francisco next year? we'll let you know. >> let's take a live look outside. you can see a little bit of fog across san berna
of the big team at apple. and that's just one interesting part of the story. robert frank is outside burberry in new york city. robert? >> hey, simon. angela ahrendts didn't just break the glass ceiling she broke the mold for ceos. her unusual success and also why the british press was not always so friendly coming up after the break. if the debt limit is not increased before the extraordinary measures are exhausted the treasury will not be authorized to issue additional debt that increases the amount outstanding. it's as simple as this. at bny mellon, our business is investments. managing them, moving them, making them work. we oversee 20% of the world's financial assets. and that gives us scale and insight no one else has. investment management combined with investment servicing. bringing the power of investments to people's lives. invested in the world. bny mellon. >>> mark cubanen back in court today, not on the court. he's in dallas as we near the end of the insider trading case against him. cnbc's cameras caught up with him a few hours ago. >> kind of stuff that the mavs lost last night
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